British Heart FoundationExisting and potential customers are welcome to advertise their own dog transit boxes ( irrespective of manufacturer ) here PROVIDING they have ordered a new TransK9 box and paid a DEPOSIT. So if you are looking to upgrade to a TransK9 box it couldn’t be easier to dispose of your current box. There is no charge for this service but we would kindly ask you to make a donation to the British Heart Foundation. Once this has been done we will add your box, there’s no time limit so it will be advertised until sold!

Used Model K9/B10

39" W x 39" D x 35" H
990 W x 990 D x 889 H

  • Product info 6 months old
  • Price: £475
  • Collection from County: Worcestershire Town: Bridgenorth
Used Model K9/B15

38" W x 36" D x 30" H
965 W x 915 D x 762 H

  • Product info VGC
  • Price: £350.00
  • Collection from County: Tiptree Town: Essex
Used Model K9/B28

29.5" W x 38" D x 32" H
749 W x 965 D x 813 H

  • Product info No rear door
  • Price: £295.00
  • Collection from County: Leicestershire Town: Lutterworth
Used Model K9/B4

38" W x 31" D x 30.1/4" H
965 W x 788 D x 769 H

  • Product info VGC
  • Price: £350.00
  • Collection from County: Worcestershire Town: Pershore
Used Model K9/B25

36" W x 28" D x 26" H
915 W x 711 D x 660 H

  • Product info 4 Mths Old
  • Price: £425.00
  • Collection from County: Glasgow Town: Newton Mearns
Used Model K9/B6

39" W x 36.5" D x 31" H
990 W x 927 D x 784 H

  • Product info No Rear Door
  • Price: £350.00
  • Collection from County: Lancashire Town: Blackburn

The products featured in the photographs on this page are for illustration purposes only and are not the actual products offered for sale.